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elsa stavroTo live in a foreign country means to unavoidably get connected to its language, its culture and its history. After a few years in Romania you realize that, along with the language, you also learned the main characteristics of the Romanian people: hospitality, respect and tolerance.

My memories from the Romanian Language preparatory courses at „Dunarea de Jos” University, with amazing professors as Ionel Apostolatu, Gina Necula, Anca Gâță, Carmen Alexandrache etc, are, undoubtedly, among the best memories I have from Galaţi, and it is exactly these people who make Romania even dearer to me!


Elsa Stavro – Albania

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alexandra monastirliu My name is Alexandra and I am from Ukraine. I am currently studying at the Faculty of Law, Babeş-Bolyai University in a very nice and old city – Cluj-Napoca, Romania. But until I came to this city, I did a Prepared Year, meaning I learned a year of Romanian language at “Dunărea de Jos” University in Galati.

Now I have a lot of memories and I’m very happy to have such an experience in my life. I can say that, at the begining, I was impressed neither by the city nor by the university. That can be explained by the fact that we, as students coming from abroad, feel uncomfortable at first. We do not know what the situation is in the country, how is the world and how it will behave with us. But here in Romania, that is, in such a city as Galati, I have never felt a negative thing from the locals. My opinion about the Romanians has become very good: workers, friendly and always ready to help you.

During my studies, I had colleagues in Italy, Turkey, Syria, Albania, Greece and a colleague from Ukraine, with whom I have now remained in friendly relations. I am happy and thankful that we have studied with them Romanian language together and this language has helped us to understand each other. I can not ignore the teachers who helped us all the way. They were telling us how melodious the Romanian language is and how beautiful Romania is. We listened carefully and with care. Now I thank them for giving us good lessons and these studies help us now when we are college students. I think that if I would of not attended a preparatory year, it would of been much harder for me to understand what the professor says at the lesson and even to understand what people are saying on the street, to explain everything I want to say.

Last year I spent in Galati was an exciting year that gave me new studies, that gave me new friends and it gave me interesting knowledge. Now I have beautiful memories that I will never forget!


Alexandra Monastirliu

My experience in the preparatory year in Romanian language.

dimitri xhejniIn November 2014, we won the scholarship in Romania. The first year was a preparatory year for the Romanian language, in the Romanian University “Dunarea de Jos” of Galati. It was a very difficult period, but very beautiful. It was a new experience: new people, new lectures, new culture and another city. It was very different from our country, Albania.

The second week of November began with the first lessons. Our group was made from Albanian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Syrian and Lebanese students who came to Romania to study medicine, economics, engineering etc.

For us it was a beautiful period. We learned the first words in Romanian language, Da “yes” and Nu “no”. Each day offered us a special lesson. About family, for the garden, for the city, for train, for the mountain, for the sea etc. Every day the teachers discussed the most important part, from experience and life. The teaching of grammar was a particular specific. Through its we prepare, to writing and speak good Romanian language, on our faculty, and with peoples.

Our teachers were very good, and more prepared in their lessons. The second semester of our linguistic preparation, managed to write an essay in Romanian language, without problems.
It was the most beautiful period in Romania. Now I have learned well the Romanian language. The period of the product gave its preparation. I’m lucky that i was there. Because i know new people, new friends, new professors, and through this preparation, i am able to speak with them as my language. Thank you very much.


With respect: Dimitri Piperi and Xhejni Naka!

denisHi! My name is Denys and I’m from Ukraine. In October 2014 I came to Romania for studying. To be honest I had no idea about the city that I’ve chosen. I have been only a few times in the capital of Romania – Bucharest and that’s it. So Galati was a totally new city for me and I was surprised that there are a lot of nice places to visit there. I didn’t know Romanian language so I decided to make a preparatory year. That was really exciting because there are many international students from Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Syria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Canada and other countries. It is cool to be able to find out about other traditions by communicating with their interlocutors. You can compare your cultures. You can discuss a lot of interesting things with them and it is easy because all of students in your group are foreigners. For example, when I’m at home, in Ukraine, it is a lil bit hard to go out looking for a foreigner and then start speaking with him, I think it would be weird. And here, in Galati, I was able to do that, I was able to make new friends, and we were able to learn Romanian language and culture together. I would like to thank our professors for those interesting lessons and events created by them to make our study more interesting. Now a lot of native Romanians are wondering how could I learn Romanian in one year, and I say that it’s only because I’ve had high qualified professors.

lisa lebanonHi! My name is Lisa and I’m from Lebanon. Last year certainly represented a fundamental step in my long journey as a university student. After obtaining your school certificate, your life starts to drastically change as a result of all the new experiences you’ll be exposed to. For that reason, we only understand the word “pressure” at that precise moment. For me, that moment represented departure. A departure to a new beginning, a new country, a strange language, an independent life. A departure to Romania. My first year was the most important step to learn the local dialect, to absorb the Romanian culture, traditions and mentality. In shorter words, it was a most diverse and interesting year. A group of 15 students of different nationalities opened new horizons for me and introduced to different cultures and ideas through daily interactions and endless discussions between us ourselves and between us and our professors.

From interest to admiration

tatiana iancuFrom my childhood, speaking Romanian in the “Moldovan” version, as was the case with my grandmother in the village, I wanted to learn the true Romanian language, spoken in Romania, to speak it fluently, without mistakes and calculations in Russian, Ukrainian and other local languages ​​in the area.

This desire has been preserved in my soul for a long time and I was very happy to hear that the preparatory year will take place in Ismail, Ukraine, where I live now .
I expected to be interesting, but it was great! I came back home after the first day of classes, impressed with everything: the beautiful and melodious language spoken by teachers, the teaching methods, a dynamic feedback from the students, a friendly atmosphere.

I learned passionately the grammar rules, the correct use of verbs, exceptions and more. Teachers stretched out a helping hand every time when we needed to correct mistakes when writing a text and conversing.

At the end of the year to prepare us better for the Romanian language exam, together with all the students, I came to Galati for studies at “Dunarea de Jos” University in Galati, where for two weeks I was received with great devotion and attention.

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the teachers who have made great efforts to teach us to talk and write in the most beautiful language in the world. Everything was perfect!
These studies are the most beautiful experience I had in the academic year 2017-2018 and I am proud to speak Romanian!


Tatiana Ianciu

Elena SaaliIn 2017, parallel to UUSI studies, thanks to a partnership project, I became a student at “Dunarea de Jos” University in Galati. At first I did the preparatory year, which helped me deepen my knowledge of Romanian. The professors of the university, their teaching method, their good attitude towards the students were ideal for me. Every hour was a fantastic activity, where we were studying Romanian, we knew each other and we were charging with positive emotions. Every month we were looking forward to the teachers with anxiety and interest. I was delighted with the professionalism, the greatness of the soul, the simplicity and the sincerity of the teachers. During this year, we learned many new and interesting things. I understand that the Romanian language is very rich and complicated at the same time that you need to study it all your life. The preparatory year was an unforgettable experience. I express my gratitude to all the wonderful teachers who have led us this year for the knowledge they have gained. We love and look forward to meeting you again! 🙂 P.S. I’ll see you in New York after graduating 🙂

Elena Saali