“Limba Noastră” Magazine

Linguistic education journal and intercultural dialogue in cross-border area

It took place under the auspices of the “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galaţi, in collaboration with the State University of Comrat and the General Directorate for Education of the UTA Gagauzia, Rep. Moldova, the “Limba noastră” magazine is a biannual publication with a didactic-scientific profile, whose main objective is the promotion of Romanian language and culture in the cross-border area, in general, and especially in the multiethnic and multilingual regions of Rep. Moldova where Romanian has non-matrimonial status (eg Autonomous Territorial Unit Gagauzia – UTAG, Taraclia district, etc.).

The magazine addresses teachers teaching Romanian as a non-mother tongue in alolingive schools (from the Republic of Moldova and beyond), making available through its pages a space for the dissemination of the didactic and specialized knowledge , the experience of the department and, in general, the cultural and linguistic experience offered by the knowledge and use of the Romanian language. According to this stated object, the sections of the journal: Language and Culture, Cultivation of the Language, Didactics of Romanian Language, Traditions and customs are also delimited. The magazine also hosts a section dedicated to Literary Creations, important for the Romanian language exercise in the field of artistic creativity. Being a magazine of linguistic education and intercultural dialogue, the themes of the articles focus, on the one hand, on issues concerning the cultivation of Romanian languages ​​and, in general, the development of communication skills in Romanian, and, on the other hand, the promotion of intercultural dialogue, both the recognition of Alterity and the manifestation of respect for the Other, as well as the knowledge and promotion of one’s own cultural identity. Given that the main target audience is represented by the Romanian language teachers in the alolingive schools (but implicit also the pupils who benefit from the didactic activity carried out in the class of teachers), the magazine provides a generous space for contributions from the Romanian language teaching didactic projects, work sheets, applications, didactic games, etc.).

Editions | ISSN 2393- 3003; ISSN-L 2393-3003

Without elitism academic claims (inappropriate, in fact, to the magazine’s addressability level), but instead perfectly adapted to the requirements of knowing and using the Romanian language in the alolingv environment, the magazine “Limba noastră” aims to contribute to the development of communication skills in Romanian (as a non-mother tongue) and thus to a better reception of the Romanian-speaking cultural space in Rep. Moldova.